Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sugar Crystal Wedding Cake

(First - I want to apologize for the first photo that isn't rotated. I wasn't able to get it rotated with the disc I have.)
This was such a pretty cake. It is hard to see the detail of it in these photos. The bride wanted three different colors of ribbon - one on each tier. Then she wanted some texture to the cake so I added some sugar ice crystals that made it sparkle. I was worried about this one when I delivered it because it was pouring rain outside, but with my mom's help and an umbrella the sugar didn't get desolved in the rain! The topper that was used belonged to the brides parents. I know that this meant alot to her family.

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Karen said...

Boy, do I remember that day! The rain was scarey, but it made it perfectly fine and set up beautifully.